Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What is this? I don't even..

I walked into Beutel today and there was a girl wearing a hat that just said "rage" on it. I was fairly out of it so I just looked at her and asked "Why are you rage?" and then I sat down.

I just realized how weird I must have looked.

Like in Donnie Darko when he goes up to the Asian girl and says "Everything will be ok soon" or something along those lines.

I might go back to Dallas this weekend. I want to have a relaxing weekend to recover from this death sickness that Satan gave me and let's be honest, it's impossible to relax for an entire weekend in a college town. This is a short post because i'm tired and it feels like my throat was taken advantage of by a gorilla.


  1. remember that part in donnie darko where donnie tells samantha: "tonight when you fall asleep i'm gonna fart on your face."?
    well that's what i'm gonna do to you tonight