Saturday, November 6, 2010

Started out hustlin', ended up ballin'.

Yes Grady, I would like to get food later. But right now i'm blogging so stop distracting me with your text messages and provocative pictures.

Guys this is a big deal, the enter key actually works, no lies.

Nevermind it stopped working. I jinxed it.

Works again.

I just reminded myself of something that I forgot earlier. Does that mean I have a good or bad memory? Update on my life: I'm getting sick again, but this time I don't have any medicine. I bet it's AIDS. Yep, definitely AIDS.

Note to everyone: When you see a really fat person, don't say "man the harpoons!" outloud. They tend to get offended.

I was thinking about aliens today. I bet they look exactly like us. They probably think we look weird. Honestly people who don't believe in aliens come off as ignorant. Have you ever thought about how big the Universe is? Astronomers just found a Galaxy that was 13.2 billion lightyears away. For everyone who's not as smart as me that means that if you were to travel at the speed of light (700,000,000 mph) for 13.2 billion years..You would arrive at that galaxy. That's really far away. My point is that the universe is really big. To think that out of that infinite space we are the only living things is a bit selfish. You can play the God card but I bet dealing with just humans get's boring after a while. Think of it like this. Humanity is just one of the tabs God has open on Firefox.

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  1. i just noticed... you had no comments. so. thought i'd let you know that at least one person reads your blog. you're welcome.
    it's genius, it really is. haha very witty and clever. go wesley!