Friday, November 5, 2010

See what I did there? It's clever because I didn't actually take notes.

I wonder if Forest Gump ever figured out that there was a piece of paper under the chocolates holder that told you what kind of chocolate was in each slot/spot/hole. That would have destroyed his entire life's philosophy.

I finally figured out the enter key. But it's not very aesthetic.

Sometimes I use words like aesthetic to give people the allusion that i'm intelligent.

There was a guy singing in the shower today and if we weren't both naked I might have hugged him because his singing was like angels giving birth to Celine Dion giving birth to Taylor Swift getting married to Bono. That good. Maybe not THAT good, but it will still impressive given the fact that it was in a Moore hall shower stall. Our showers are in stalls..Like horses.

It's 2:37 and I have class at 3. Normally I can leave at 2:50 and make it on time because it only takes 5 minutes to bike there. Do I have my bike? Nope. Does some random douche bag bike thief have my bike? Yes. Am I assuming my bike got stolen even though it's probably just parked somewhere and I forgot where I parked it? You bet.

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