Friday, November 12, 2010

Mmm bop, shdop adop. Remember when people liked bad music?

So I got a note that got me out of my 8am bowling class yesterday. But there's only one class left..and it's next week. I bet that doesn't mean anything to y'all but for me it's a big deal and i'm freaking out about it. Not really.

I want a pet. But A&M dorm rules state that it has to be able to live under water for more than 24 hours. Solution? Make a scuba suit for a hamster. All this time I thought hamster was spelled with a 'p'. My life is ruined.

 This is one of the few times when I literally don't know what to talk about. Maybe i'll talk about my dream last night. Ok so first off, I don't listen to Taylor Swift but she was starring in my dream. In my dream we became soulmates, I met her at my house where she was cleaning my fish bowl. Have you ever noticed how dreams seem so real while you're dreaming but then when you wake up you realize how ridiculous they are. To this day I can still never spell ridiculous right the first time. Anyways me and Taylor were best friends and we hung out and then we got married. When I woke up I felt weird because I hate Taylor Swift, her singing is alright but her lyrics are like what an angsty 14 year old girl would write. She's 20 and still writing about boy problems. Then again i'm 19 and if I wrote a song it would be about girl problems. Basically my dreams have gotten significantly more strange since i've gotten to college. I think it has something to do with all the naps i've been taking.

Ever since Paranormal Activities 2, I get scared demons are going to attack me in the shower.

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