Monday, November 8, 2010

I want to light a candle, but I can't find my lighter.

Hold on I have to go to the bathroom.

I didn't actually go to the bathroom but I really need to.

I'll go eventually.

I've noticed a pattern in my blogging style. I start out with a few random lines that only make sense to me, then a really long couple of sentences explaining something I was thinking about, and then i'll get into the body of the blog. The blody if you will.

Ok so here's the deal, my life update, what's happening in the realm of Wesley Dickens: I'm sick. For lack of a better (there's a better word, it's just offensive) word..I feel like poop. Feces. Defecation. It feels like I swallowed bees. And not those giant fuzzy bees that you're scared of but then you remember they don't have stingers but you're still scared of them because hey..what if that's the one giant fuzzy bee that has a stinger and you'll be forever known as that guy/girl that got stung by the giant fuzzy bee that wasn't supposed to have a stinger but did. Don't lie you know exactly what i'm talking about. I've never been stung by a bee. It's because i'm bitter.

I honestly have nothing to talk about, it's been a few days (day?) since i've blogged and I forgot what happened, probably all the drugs. Not drugs drugs, but medical drugs...;) Emoticons are awkward. I'm fine if a girl uses one when talking to me but when a guy sends one to another guy it comes off like "hey..i'm not open enough to full on come out to you right now..but i'm interested". No offense to any guys who use emoticons to other guys. Actually I lied, I hope I just offended you to the point where you stop doing it because while you might think it's ok, noone else does.

Sometimes I get nervous that there's sharks in the pool.

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  1. I seriously doubt girls send you winky face emoticons because you're UGLY