Thursday, November 18, 2010

I feel bad.

It's been like 3..4 days? Too lazy to count.

Anywho this is mobile blogging: SHOWER EDITION!

I like taking my phone in the shower. People are always like "can you really not survive without your phone for 10 minutes?"

To that I say: A. My showers are usually about 30 minutes long. B. I feel that the warm water helps me concentrate on angry birds alot better.

Side note: why are the pigs stealing the eggs? They don't even have hands. Eggs serve them no purpose.

Hi Bailey. I like your bone structure.

I discovered how to hook up xbox live in my dorm. This will note bode well for my grades.

Someone just threw up in the shower. Not mine, but close..what if it touches me?

This is a long post because I've neglected blogging for so long.

Sometimes when I'm in my room all alone I'll lock the door, draw the shades, open up private browsing on my laptop..and watch the "I Whip My Hair" music video and learn the dance moves.

Does noone else find it weird that a 10 year old girl is talking about partying and clubbing? Is Chuck-E-Cheese considered a preteen hotspot now?

I love Fresh Prince as much as the next nostalgic 19 year old but Will Smith: your daughter is what's both awesome and wrong about the world.