Friday, November 19, 2010

Good 'Ol Fashion Nightmare.

When I grow up I want to be uncomfortably wealthy.

So much money that it will make people feel awkward around me. Then i'll be like "Guys..Stop being awkward, i'm just rich." And that's how i'll end wars.

I had a nightmare last night that Taylor Swift died. This corresponds to my last dream where we were soul-mates. Soulmates. Soul mates. I don't know how to spell that properly so I figured i'd use all my options.

Hey Danielle, I left a sock in your bed. I'd try to play it cool and tell you it was a present..But I really liked that sock and I want it back. Ps thanks for letting me nap there while you were studying.

I told someone at the beginning of last year that I smoked a pipe and ever since then they've assumed I smoked weed. They only just asked me what kind of pipe it was. So just to clear up all misconceptions: I smoke a tobacco pipe. Unlike the kids across the hall from me who just got taken to jail 10 minutes ago for possession, I don't smoke weed.

I also don't do heroin. I just like talking about it. It's a weird obsession I have. Probably from watching Requiem For A Dream too many times.

Best movie ever in case anyone was wondering.

Remember when everyone had AIM buddy profiles and you would put who you liked at the very bottom?

I like..Jesus.

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  1. i love that song..... You'd be so proud of my alternative music knowledge now, thanks to brandon patrick. :)

    i like... Wesley's blog.