Thursday, November 11, 2010

Good morning moonshine.

Hi my name is Wesley Dickens, and I have Mono. They actually gave me a pamphlet. Because as everyone knows, Mono is like Herpes.

Just so everyone knows, Jordan has a full length album now. Apparently my roommate is in a band.

Has anyone else ever wondered what fire looks like under a microscope?

Now for the body. I'm going back to Dallas this weekend. It's times like these that I wish some Asian guy at ITT Tech would hurry up and invent a teleportation machine (since when is teleportation not a word?) so I don't have to drive anymore. It's 4 hours. 3 if I don't care about speeding tickets. Because i'm a bamf. But seriously I was thinking about this the other the day. As soon as someone invents teleporting, our entire economy is going down the drain. Think about it: If you could just walk into a box and walk out of a box somewhere else, why would you ever need to use a car, plane, train, stain, bane, lane...or a bike. Sometimes I get carried away with my rhyming skills.

This is another one of my government conspiracies. Kinda like cancer. Think about how many doctors have jobs solely because cancer exists. As soon as we find the cure they're all going to be holding up signs that say "Will diagnose for food".

Whenever I see a person from Oklahoma...I ask them about their day.

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