Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cats are the kitty cats; I dance dance dance and I dance dance dance.

Note: Coozies are not just for beer. I am using one to drink my Mountain Dew and it's working out gloriously.

I still can't figure out this damn enter key.

Update on my life: I am now lacking blood all in the hopes that it will be used to save some homeless man's life because he bent down to pick up a heroin needle and hit his head on a dumpster. If homeless people are a race then that was very racist. But they aren't a race so what I said is just a normal statement. I'm offensive, deal with it.

Another update on my life: I just found chocolate on my leg. It doesn't smell like chocolate so let's pray to Jesus/God/Buddha/Spaghetti Monster that it's not poop. This being a northside dorm, it very well could be someone elses poop

I was told this blog needed more cats.

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