Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Call of Duty is offensive

Well obviously i'm not doing homework even though I have a test tomorrow, so I might as well blog. This is a good outlet for my feelings. I sound like a 15 year old girl. None of you were wondering what my test is over tomorrow, but now you are. Since you're wondering i'll tell you. It's in STLC. What's that? Application of Learning Theory. I'm not really sure how those letters correspond to the course name but like all other things that college classes include, I don't question them. Basically it's a class that teaches me how to study and maintain study habits. Ironically enough i'm failing it. I use the term failing very relatively. I have a C. I just think/know I could be doing better.

The only thing keeping me non-depressed is the fact that tomorrow is Thursday. Helpful tip #2 for my highschool friends: The weekend starts on Thursday. No that's not just an ad for Buffalo Wild Wings, it's actually true. Whether or not you have classes on Friday is unimportant. I would know because I have 3 on Fridays. Thursday is when the bars open...I don't drink...and that's when the parties start. I can't really speak for other University's but here at Texas A&M weekends are one non-stop party when there's a home game. It starts on Thursday night when everyone goes out dancing at "The Hall" and whenever you decide to wake up, there's a good chance you've missed all your Friday classes so that means it's Friday afternoon and you have to go to a party. After that party is Midnight yell which is my favorite Aggie tradition. After Midnight yell is, you guessed it, more parties. Then you close your eyes and when they open again you're at a tailgate, then a football game, then...wait for it...a party. Then..It's sober Sunday.

I really don't like blogspot. The enter button doesn't work like I want it too and its making me angry. That on top of the uncomfortably loud gun noises coming from my roommates xbox playing..I'll be punching something soon.

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  1. STLC is because the class is offered by the student learning center. one of the most helpful classes i have personally ever taken.

    have a jolly good day.