Saturday, November 13, 2010

A C F..A C F..A C F A C F A C F.

Mobile blogging alert: I'm 99% sure that someone pooped in one of the shower stalls. It smells really bad and sources say it might have been Stephen Bridges.

This darn autoscroll. Something about me and Blogspot don't mix. I'd switch but I don't think I'm artsy enough for Tumblr yet.

I am, therefore I think.

I realized today that I'm 1/8th done with college. If these are the best years of my life I wish they'd slow down a little bit. But for seriously, college has been a blast. It's weird knowing that I'll be telling my kids stories about the adventures I'm having right now. That's assuming I get married and don't become a self-absorbed billionaire who doesn't have time for such trivial things as family and women.

I would really like to get married eventually. I'll begin taking applications on Monday. T-Sips need not apply.

I prefer clear shower curtains so I can see the murderers coming.

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  1. i just added you to my Favorites bar at the top of my browser. you're in with the big dogs now.