Thursday, November 4, 2010

50 views? That's as embarrassing as my bowling score.

"Hey Wesley, why are you up so early?" I'm glad you asked. I have an 8am bowling class. "But Wesley, isn't bowling easy?" No. No it isn't. Don't lie to me, you would have asked me those questions if I hadn't asked them for you first. But yeah, Thursdays are awesome and shit at the same time. I only have two classes..But one of them starts at 8am and it's off campus so I have to wake up extra early.

I vow to figure out how to use the enter key on day.

Hold the phones I just use the down arrow.

Now that my life is simpler: Who's idea was it to dedicate candles to saints? I ask because I have a "San Martin Cabellero" candle sitting on my desk that I bought at HEB. This question is more or less directed at Brandon because you have alot of these candles and you're also super religious.

I've more or less taken it on myself to give lessons about Freshman year to Seniors. This will be another pointer. Register for classes with friends. Your parents will give you the whole "you don't need to be socializing during class blah blah blah we pay for tuition blah blah blah back in my day..." speech but they (if they're anything like my parents) have forgotten some minor details about life in their old age (sorry dad, but it's true). If you don't have friends in your classes, you will either A. Sleep, B. Skip, or C. Go on a shooting rampage in your lecture hall. Option C might not happen, but it's always best to prepare for the worst.

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